Morocco’s New PM Vows to Continue Western Alliances

VOICE of AMERICA, by Scott Stearns (Dec. 1, 2011) — Morocco has a new prime minister after a moderate Islamist party won the most seats in parliament. The new civilian leader said there will be no change to the kingdom’s long-standing alliances with Western powers. After years in opposition, Abdelilah Benkirane’s Islamist Justice and Development Party – or PJD – won more than one-quarter of the seats in a new parliament, and is now moving to form a coalition government with three secular parties.  Appointed by King Mohammed VI to lead a new government this week, Benkirane said he intends to put the Moroccan people first. The prime minister says it is unthinkable to dismantle Morocco’s historic alliances with the West, which remain based on many mutual interests. He says Morocco’s relationships with France, Spain, Britain and the United States will not change. [Continue Reading...]

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