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USAID Expands Civil Society Capacity Building Programs in Morocco: Part II – Jean R. AbiNader

  Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC January 6, 2014 In my previous posting, I previewed some of the key features related to youth employment programs in the recently announced Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2013-2017 for Morocco launched by USAID during the November visit of His Majesty King Mohammed VI with President Obama. The major sections of the strategy with the relevant goals and objectives are summarized in this illustration. . ...

US Partnering with Morocco to Support its Human Development: Part I – Jean R. AbiNader

  Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC January 3, 2014 What better way to start a new year than to review events of the last quarter and see what the indicators tell us about how Morocco is progressing. The highlight of 2013 was, of course, the meeting in November between President Obama and King Mohammed VI to renew and upgrade the bilateral partnership. The well-crafted diplomatic statement that was released detailed modes ...

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