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Morocco has over 10 million internet users | IT News Africa

Morocco, already one of the most connected countries in Africa, hits another milestone: Morocco has passed an Internet milestone, exceeding the 10 million subscriber mark through the end of March, the country’s telecommunications regulator said. According to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, the country saw a 61 percent increase from the previous year, with 9.29 million accessing Internet services via 3G mobile. ADSL customers in the country grew some 16 percent ...

Morocco: Connected – David S. Bloom

. * “Morocco has worked decisively and proactively to establish itself as the most connected country in Africa,  confirmed by IT News Africa in 2013.  If Morocco continues on this path, there is incredible potential for more and better employment, entrepreneurship, and growth in the country.” * . David S. Bloom, MAC June 6, 2014 In 2013, IT News Africa called Morocco the most connected country on the continent. Morocco’s Internet ...

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