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Gulf states back Morocco on Sahara territory | AFP

Gulf states support Morocco’s position on the Western Sahara: Gulf monarchies on Wednesday voiced support for Morocco’s claim over Western Sahara during a joint summit in Riyadh, where Moroccan King Mohammed VI spoke of a “dangerous” situation. “We stress our support to all political and security causes that are important for your brotherly country, mainly the Western Sahara,” Saudi King Salman said at the opening of the summit of leaders ...

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Vast desert sun farm to help light up Morocco | Agence France-Presse

Morocco’s renewable energy sector is producing big results for the country’s economy as well as the environment: On the edge of the Sahara desert, engineers make final checks to a sea of metal mirrors turned towards the sun, preparing for the launch of Morocco’s first solar power plant. The ambitious project is part of the North African country’s goal of boosting its clean energy output with what it says will ...

Two Morocco Women Acquitted of Indecency Charges | AFP

A victory for Morocco and its civil society, which had mobilized in support of two women who were facing charges of indecency: A Moroccan court acquitted two women who faced charges of “gross indecency” for wearing dresses in public, their lawyer said Monday, after their case sparked a national outcry. “This is a victory not only for these two women but for all members of civil society who mobilized,” said ...

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