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N. African Producers Move from Bulk to Branded | Olive Oil Times

Morocco is making a name for itself in the olive oil market after successful reforms: [...] Neighboring Morocco, already the second-largest global exporter of table olives, is reaping the rewards of the government’s Green Morocco plan for olive farming. In 2008, The Moroccan Government introduced the program to encourage farmers in rural areas to switch to growing olive trees instead of wheat or other crops, creating more jobs and a ...

Moroccan agricultural sector continues to grow | Fresh Plaza

Morocco’s Green Plan has pushed the country’s agriculture towards more efficient and exportable produce, giving a boost to the economy: The Moroccan agricultural sector recorded a 7.6% annual growth between 2008 and 2014, while its agro-food exports grew by 34% in the same period, as reported by the country’s Minister of Agriculture, Aziz Ajanuch. Ajanuch made this statement at the opening of the eighth edition of the Conference on Agriculture ...

Adding value to traditional sector – Morocco farms on! – J. AbiNader

MATIC, by Jean R. AbiNader (Washington, DC, April 5, 2013) —Quite often, when observers look at economic development in emerging markets, the emphasis is on expanding IT-related projects, renewable energies, and other sectors that are not at the whim of climatic factors. Yet in countries such as Morocco, where there is sufficient rain to support a robust agricultural sector, there is much to be said for making food commodities and ...

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