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Morocco’s fledgling aeronautics sector spreads its wings | Financial Times

An inside look at Morocco’s growing aeronautics sector: Abdelghani Errahmani, president of Matis Aerospace, strides down the central aisle of the vast factory floor and points to the long rows of benches on his left and right where some 900 workers assemble complicated wire bundles for the aircraft industry. “See, on one side you have Boeing and on the other Airbus,” he says jokingly. “The biggest competitors in the world ...

Morocco making a name for itself in aeronautics sector [How We Made it in Africa]

A look at Morocco’s progress in creating an aeronautics industry, and what remains to be done to build on that achievement: Morocco holds a strategic position on the African continent. Companies often choose to set up first here to gain access to other markets in Africa. Indeed, its geographic proximity to Europe, its political stability and a cheap workforce constitute a powerful advantage. This is especially true for the aeronautics ...

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