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Morocco helps grow, create Ga. jobs | My AJC

Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson on Morocco’s strong economic and political ties with his state: The U.S.-Morocco Trade and Investment Forum, held recently at Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters, allowed business leaders and government officials from our two nations to explore mutual trade and investment opportunities. In 2014, Georgia exported more than $71 million worth of goods and services to Morocco – with the total U.S. figure at more than $2.1 billion. Since ...

AJC Leaders Advocate Intensified US Ties With Morocco, Tunisia | Jewish Business News

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) expresses its solidarity and kinship with Morocco, an enduring result of the two-millennia-old presence of the Moroccan Jewish community: An AJC leadership delegation, in meetings with senior Moroccan officials, hailed the kingdom’s economic and political progress and its critical security partnership with the United States. AJC, which has engaged the Moroccan government and civil society for decades, conveyed messages of support for the efforts of ...

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