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Why the Timitar music festival is a window on Moroccan identity | The National

Morocco’s policy of funding and initiating cultural diversity “seems to be paying off”: Every summer, Morocco hosts a wide variety of national and regional musical festivals. While the country is arguably not any more diverse than other North African or Middle East states, the Moroccan authorities have a strong tradition of supporting local culture. There are some general pop festivals in Rabat and Casablanca that host mainstream international artists such ...

11th Festival of Amazigh Culture is Symbol of New Era – Jordana Merran

Jordana Merran, MAC July 24, 2015 Now in its 11th year, the Fez Festival of Amazigh Culture—which opens today and continues through the weekend— can hardly be called a novelty. Yet it continues to represent a new era of cultural and political reform that Morocco has undergone in just the past decade and a half. Organized by La Fondation Esprit de Fes, The Fes-Sais Association, and the North South Centre, ...

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