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When Is the Right Time for Maghreb Integration?

Report from private sector offers recommendations Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC September 3, 2014 One of my initial reactions to the US-African Leaders Summit was noticing the seeming lack of integration between North and sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) when it came to the initiatives announced by President Obama. At a time when foreign assistance resources are declining globally and the lack of African cross-border trade and investment remains limited, there seems to ...

Why “Business as Usual” is lost opportunity in the Maghreb – J. AbiNader

MATIC,, by Jean R. AbiNader (Washington, DC, Jan. 17, 2013) — One of the great frustrations among those of us who follow the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) is the need to convince local governments to stimulate entrepreneurship, this in a region that pioneered mercantilism and international trade. While there are many historical caveats for their “risk averse” perspective, the bottom line is that too often there has been little ...

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