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Interview with Mr. Abdesselam Aboudrar, Chair, Central Authority for Corruption Prevention, Kingdom of Morocco | UNCA Coalition

Morocco’s continuing reform efforts to eradicate corruption: What is the current situation in Morocco regarding anti-corruption efforts? The citizens are more and more demanding. As a result of our efforts, the government is about to adopt an anti-corruption strategy. It’s been a 20-year fight by civil society and our own institution. What has also been achieved is the adoption of some laws and regulations. For example, the asset declaration law; ...

Morocco Gets Creative to Battle Corruption – Caitlin Dearing Scott

Caitlin Dearing Scott, MAC July 27, 2015 In March 2007, Morocco established l’Instance Centrale de Prevention de la Corruption (The Central Authority for Corruption Prevention, or ICPC) with the tasks of advising government bodies on corruption-preventing policy, monitoring and reporting cases of corruption to the appropriate authorities, and raising awareness of corruption among the public. The creation of the ICPC is just one of the ways Morocco has worked to ...

Morocco: An Ally to Rely On – Katherine Kinnaird

By Katherine Kinnaird June 26, 2015 During this time of tremendous global conflict and instability, it has never been more important for governments to establish and maintain relationships with reliable allies committed to meaningful reform. Morocco has long demonstrated its reliability and commitment to reform by taking concrete steps to root out corruption from its government and education systems. Since January, the Kingdom has employed new measures to build momentum ...

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