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Reshuffling Leadership of the Polisario Front: More of the Same – Jordan Paul

  . Jordan Paul, MACP March 6, 2014 A few weeks ago, authoritarian-in-chief of the Polisario Front Mohamed Abdelaziz made “new” appointments to leadership positions within the movement. Unsurprisingly, the new appointments were simply a reshuffling of the old guard — Abdelaziz periodically shifts Polisario leaders around to various positions of responsibility, all while maintaining the same cadre of leadership. So how did it work with this latest round? I ...

Mohamed Abdelaziz: Portrait of an Authoritarian-In-Chief – Jordan Paul

. * “The truth is that his 37-year rule has been marked by Soviet-style indoctrination programs, systematic abuse of foreign aid, and rigid limitation on freedom of movement that has led to “warehousing” of tens of thousands of Sahrawis in the refugee camps he controls.” * . Jordan Paul, MACP February 23, 2014 Though he has been in the public eye for 37 years as the man at the epicenter of ...

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