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On World Environment Day, Morocco Leads the Way – Katherine Kinnaird

Katherine Kinnaird, MAC June 5, 2015 Morocco has once again shown the world its unequivocal commitment to environmental stewardship. On Tuesday, Morocco’s Environment Minister promised that the Kingdom will cut down on its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 13 percent by 2030. That’s another huge step for the North African nation, which was recently ranked in the top 10 of the 2015 Climate Performance Index. The Climate Index praised ...

Morocco’s Contribution to Cocody Bay Rehabilitation, Best Showcase of South-South Cooperation | North Africa Post

More results from King Mohammed VI’s most recent Africa tour: Morocco’s solidarity with Africa is not hot air but a tangible reality. A reality that is taking shape and becoming more and more evident as King Mohammed VI has spearheaded over the past few days landmark projects in Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and Ivory Coast during his current African tour. The development projects and agreements sealed by Morocco with these African countries ...

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