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Morocco’s Celluloid Dreams | Newsweek Middle East

The Marrakech International Film Festival gives global attention to Morocco’s burgeoning film industry: [...] The Marrakesh film festival has long aspired to expose developing filmmakers from regions such as Africa or Eastern Europe, who typically have less exposure to the global film circuit. While this year’s nine-day affair in Marrakech has been replete with international Hollywood, European and Bollywood stars, at least three of this year’s 15 competing films are ...

VIDEO: Bill Murray on Morocco | YouTube

Bill Murray talks about his experience in Morocco in this clip from his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live (begins at 2:47):   Interview transcript: Murray: We shot it in Morocco. Kimmel: In Morocco? Murray: Yeah. Kimmel: And do people know you in Morocco? The citizenry? Murray: No. Kimmel: They do not? Murray: No. Kimmel: Well that’s nice. Murray: It was very nice. Kimmel: Yeah, I would think so. And after ...

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