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Real African solutions to Africa’s challenges | The Hill

J. Peter Pham of the Atlantic Council on how Morocco has been on the forefront of finding African Solutions to African development issues: [...] Increasingly, a number of African countries have also turned to Morocco, not only for the example of its decade-old National Human Development Initiative (INDH), which since its inception has invested over $6 billion on more than 700 locally administered educational and other anti-poverty projects, but also ...

Indicators up yet gaps remain in Morocco’s economic growth – J. AbiNader

MATIC, by Jean R. AbiNader  (Washington, DC, March 21, 2013) — Over the past two weeks, several stories seem to indicate that Morocco is on the right track for economic growth in 2013. As with the other Maghreb countries, Morocco faces many challenges ranging from quality of labor to a somewhat confusing regulatory environment for attracting foreign investment. Yet, tourism is up over last year, the EU has launched talks ...

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