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Liberal reforms in Morocco | DLA Piper

A look at recent changes to Moroccan law which improves the business environment in the country: The wave of liberal reforms that has swept over the Kingdom of Morocco in recent years has intensified over the past few months, under the impetus of His Majesty the King, Mohammed VI. Recent reforms across nearly all lines of business have created a favorable financial and regulatory environment for foreign investment and the ...

A Deeper Look at North Africa’s Economic Growth – David S. Bloom

David S. Bloom, MATIC May 29, 2014 Judging North African economies solely by their GDP growth can be a messy proposition.  Libya draws upwards of 70% of its GDP from resource extraction – mostly from oil – which is sensitive to global price fluctuations. It is also sensitive to local militias deciding to cut off production. Even a more diverse economy like Morocco, which has no hydrocarbons to buttress its ...

Morocco Surges Ahead as Hub for Investment, Finance, and Trade in Africa – David S. Bloom

. * “The real genius to Morocco’s strategy is that it not only looks to secure investment, but to present itself a destination market as well.  In doing so, Morocco offers an ideal foothold for African expansion.” * . David S. Bloom, MATIC March 22, 2014 In the global competition to attract investments in manufacturing and services, there are many suitors—and the stakes only seem to get higher.  More and ...

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