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Security in the Sahara & Sahel: The Growing Threat Posed by Polisario-run Camps near Tindouf

Report in a series on: The Truth About the Polisario     Moroccan American Center for Policy October 2013 Introduction Evidence has become overwhelming that members from the Polisario-run camps near Tindouf, Algeria fought alongside al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the Movement for United and Jihad (MUJAO) in northern Mali, and continue to engage in drug and arms smuggling in the Sahara/Sahel. Recent reports confirm that  the Polisario-run camps near ...

From Tindouf to Timbuktu: Report Documents Threat in Africa’s Sahara/Sahel from Polisario-Run Camps in Algeria

* Cites expert reports, documented incidents of ties to al-Qaeda-linked groups, traffickers *   MACP — As concern grows about the spread of jihadist violence and insecurity in countries across Africa’s Sahara/Sahel after the international intervention and elections in Mali, a new report provides a detailed chronology of documented incidents and reports on terrorist and trafficking connections to the Polisario-run camps near Tindouf, Algeria. The report confirms that those camps “have ...

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