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Morocco Looks to Strengthening Small and Medium Enterprises – Jean R. AbiNader

Goal is to Generate Needed Jobs through Entrepreneurship Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC September 29, 2015 The US and Morocco, and indeed the entire MENA region and Africa, face a similar challenge – how to generate thousands of jobs without overtaxing government budgets. In the US, we have a relatively robust network of community colleges, skills training centers, and related institutions that focus on bringing skilled human resources to the market. ...

CEED conference marks tipping point of success for Moroccan startup ecosystem | wamda

Entrepreneurs are rising in Morocco, as “different players in the market are now realizing the importance of the startup scene and are looking to engage to support the Moroccans entrepreneurs”:  Concensus is building that Morocco is where Egypt was four years ago. Entrepreneurship is taking off, success stories are cropping up, the ecosystem is taking shape, and accelerators and investors are setting up shop, said attendees at the CEED Annual ...

Morocco’s Startups At The Crossroads [Forbes]

Moroccans are natural entrepreneurs, well-placed to take advantage of their place at a global crossroads: A few weeks ago, I was a keynote speaker in Casablanca, Morocco at the Global Annual Conference of CEED, a organization that assists entrepreneurs in several emerging markets. There I met countless inspiring people, mostly from Morocco but also from nearby places. I could virtually taste the electricity in the air. Entrepreneurs and other businesspeople were ...

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