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Morocco Stands Up against Terrorism: Paris Attacks

By Malika Layadi January 21, 2015 After one of France’s deadliest terrorist attacks that left 17 dead, including 10 journalists, 3 police officers, and 4 shoppers at a Kosher supermarket, the world rose to denounce this vicious massacre, and all acts of terrorism. Morocco was no exception. In a letter to French president Francois Hollande, King Mohammed VI firmly condemned this cowardly act of hatred, sent his condolences to the ...

Moroccan journalists stand up against terrorism | Magharebia

From Magharebia: In the face of the attacks against French newspaper Charlie Hebdo on January 7th in Paris, the Moroccan press is not keeping silent. Just days after 18 people were slaughtered and a dozen injured, a condemnation sit-in was held on Saturday (January 10th) at the French Embassy in Rabat. Unanimously, the participating journalists expressed their rejection of violence. ”Our position is firm and unambiguous with regard to terrorism ...

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