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Tell Me Again — What Does “Fragile States” Mean? – Jean R. AbiNader

. * Fund for Peace releases 2014 Fragile States Index *  . Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC June 27, 2014 This week, the Fund for Peace (FfP) and Foreign Policy magazine released the 10th edition of the Fragile States Index (FSI). At the launch event, the program consisted of two panels: the first focused on the report and major findings from 2013. The second featured two experts speaking on the impact ...

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The Truth About the Polisario – A Model of Authoritarian Rule

  . Jordan Paul, MACP November 5, 2013 In 1951, the US Congress ratified an amendment to the Constitution limiting presidents to two terms of service. As many countries across the world at the time were falling prey to authoritarian regimes, Americans understood that in a true democracy, no single person should rule—whether elected or not—forever. Unfortunately, the world is still plagued by dictators, who increasingly use the “elections” to ...

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