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Boosting Morocco’s Local Civil Society Participation | Counterpart International

The US is partnering with Morocco to support civil society participation in the wake of elections that expanded local governance: Following the first municipal elections under the 2011 Constitution of Morocco in September 2015, the members of the municipal governments are working to foster more inclusive and effective citizen engagement in local public affairs. Counterpart’s Civil Society Strengthening Program (CSSP) is partnering with select government municipalities to design and implement ...

US Ambassador in Rabat Praises Prominent Place of Civil Society in Government Action | Maghreb Arab Press

US Ambassador to Morocco Dwight Bush compliment Morocco’s commitment to develop a vibrant civil society: US ambassador to Morocco Dwight L. Bush praised, here Wednesday, the prominent place of civil society in government action. “We hail the special attention paid by the government to civil society,” Dwight told MAP following a meeting with Minister in charge of relations with parliament and civil society, Lahbib Choubani. The diplomat said the talks ...

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