Moroccans Cast Resounding ‘Yes’ Vote for Constitutional Reforms in Strong Turnout; US, Others Praise ‘Important Step’ for Peaceful Change

More than 70% of registered Moroccan voters participate, ‘have final say’ approving historic reforms

Washington, DC (July 1)—At more than 40,000 polling stations at home and abroad, Moroccans turned out in near record numbers today and cast a resounding “Yes” vote to give final approval for Constitutional reforms to strengthen Morocco’s democratic institutions and establish it as a constitutional monarchy.

According to provisional results released this evening, 72 percent of Morocco’s 13 million registered voters participated in today’s historic referendum, which took place without incident. Based on the provisional results from today’s voting, it was also reported that 98 percent of those who voted supported the reforms. Moroccans abroad can cast ballots through July 3, after which the final tally will be available early next week.

The reforms—announced June 17 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI after input from Moroccan citizens, civic organizations, trade unions, and political parties—are the culmination of decades of Morocco’s efforts to democratize and open its political system, and have won international praise as a roadmap for the region.

“We welcome the referendum as an important step in Morocco’s ongoing democratic development,” said US State Department spokesman Mark Toner. “In this period of profound change, we think it’s important and we congratulate the people of Morocco and their leadership for the peaceful referendum.” Spain also praised Morocco’s vote today, offering its “unfailing support” as Moroccans continued “consolidating democracy.”

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