Study Tour Strengthens U.S.-Moroccan Business Ties


Delegates listen to briefing at Moroccan American Center.

Moroccan businesses are waking up to these new possibilities. But while the trade agreement paves the way to stronger economic ties, opportunities to develop person-to-person relationships and meet “peer-to-peer” are also key. Even a short program can accomplish a lot, as a group of Moroccan business executives discovered during a study tour to Washington, DC, in October.  Organized by AMIDEAST, their weeklong visit featured activities designed to advance their familiarity with the U.S. business environment and broaden their understanding of the U.S.-Moroccan relationship. They were briefed by representatives of USAID, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Moroccan American Center, the Aspen Institute, and DC Chamber of Commerce, among others.  [Continue Reading]

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