4th national handicrafts exposition displays diversity, authenticity of Moroccan artisans

(Article in French)

Au Fait Maroc (June 4, 2013) — The 4th edition of the national handicrafts and artisanal exposition kicked off June 3 in Fez with Abdessamad Kayouh, Minister of Crafts and Artisans, opening the show.

The event  seeks to promote Morocco’s rich, diverse, and authentic product offering, from some 70 artisans coming from the cities of Fez and Marrakech. “Tradition and modernity” is the theme of this gathering, with products ranging from simple art objects and interior decor items to traditional clothing and other leather and wood products.

Products showcased include tapestry, basketry, embroidery, iron-forged items, sculpted wood, jewelry, ceramic art, and copper, highlighting the country’s diverse craftsmanship. These products carry a strong cultural  heritage featuring know-how that has been jealously guarded for centuries.

Mohammed V Boulevard in Fez will be transformed for the occasion, with an expected audience of more than 20,000 attending.

This 4th edition will be followed by the Salon Expo Artisan 2013 in Marrakech, showcasing the talent and know-how of the 300 best Moroccan artisans and small and medium craft and decor businesses from Fez and Marrakech.

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