Interview with Former Polisario: “I’m so happy to have survived”

Mohamed Cherif Larossi Ahmed Salem was born January 2, 1959 in Dakhla, Morocco. In his youth, he joined the Polisario Front, a separatist group backed by Algeria, Cuba, and Libya that launched a guerilla war against Morocco starting in 1975, when Spain relinquished colonial control over the sparsely-populated desert area south of Morocco. Trained at the Military Academy of Tajoura in Libya, Cherif served in various leadership positions within the Polisario Front — Head of Logistics for the 5th Military Region, Logistics Department Chief at the Political Bureau, among others — until his criticism of the political leadership of the Polisario landed him in prison.

MOTM sat down with Cherif for his firsthand account of life under Polisario rule.


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“From Pink Floyd to Dark Side of Sahara:  Ex-Polisario Recounts Revolution Gone Sour”


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