Morocco in the Mid-Atlantic: A Look at the Upcoming “Moroccan Nights Gala” – Ellen Bateman


“Moroccan culture is truly a diamond in the rough.”

— Najia Kemmou, president, House of Morocco 

Ellen Bateman, Research Associate, MAC

Ellen Bateman, Research Associate, MAC

Ellen Bateman, MAC
July 22, 2014

 ***Please note that this event has now been postponed***

On the evening of Saturday, August 9, the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel will turn into a small Moroccan oasis, as the House of Morocco will host its inaugural “Moroccan Nights Gala.” The event, according to House of Morocco president Najia Kemmou, will immerse attendees in Moroccan culture. Her shop, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, specializes in bringing Moroccan products to the United States.

“Moroccan culture is truly a diamond in the rough. While words can’t possibly convey the extent of this statement, everyone who has been exposed to it can attest to the fact that it is rich, colorful, and exotic,” said Ms. Kemmou.

“Perhaps the most attractive feature, however, is the hospitality that oozes with welcoming warmth. We hope that our production can convey this same warmth and provide part of the experience of being in Morocco.”

In addition to a virtual fashion show, buffet, and music, the event will feature a display of many of the products, handicrafts, and other items from Morocco available through House of Morocco.

Center stage will be caftans and Moroccan furniture. Performing artists include Amir Ali, Laimouni Mutapha, Zineb Yasser, and Barmaki Mohammed and Haj Younes, an icon of Moroccan oud performers.

Kemmou hopes that “the program will become an annual event in which they can display the unique and beautiful Moroccan culture and make it available to all those who cannot make the trip to Morocco. It is an opportunity to showcase the many things the country has to offer.”


For more information visit http://www.houseofmorocco.net.

Ellen Bateman is a Research Associate at the Moroccan American Center.




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