The Best Food Markets Around the World

The Guardian explores the best of exotic markets from around the globe. Not surprisingly, Morocco comes in for some lofty acclaim – Marrakesh specifically:

The Guardian

[…] A friend I was visiting Barcelona with regularly goes to Morocco, and while I was cooing and gawping at La Boqueria, she was a little less impressed. For her, it would take a lot to beat Moroccan souks on food, atmosphere and experience. “Moroccan markets sell leather goods and clothes, but the main section of a souk is food,” she said. “Natural, predominantly organic, fresh, locally produced food, the kind we would spend a fortune on in the UK. The Marrakesh souk stretches for miles, and all the markets are packed, with people bustling about, carrying flimsy plastic bags full of vegetables, fruit, spices and meat.”

Giant vats of olives, and spices of vibrant colors – bright red paprika, cumin seeds, saffron, turmeric – presented in huge cones, chickens running about (many won’t see the market out, as you can choose the one you want and have it killed on the spot), mules pulling carts, a throng of people going about their business … It beats a trip to the supermarket. Markets are natural attractions for hungry tourists; a rich, fun experience reflecting local cuisine, culture and lifestyle. There is plenty of room for interaction with locals, the chance to try out iffy language skills and the draw of a fresh, cheap lunch too…[Read More]



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