Parsley, Cilantro at Core of Perky Fish Condiment From Morocco [The Post & Courier]

Moroccan Chermoula (chehr-MOO-lah) was served at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit dinner:

The Post and Courier

Photo: The Post & Courier

Photo: The Post & Courier

Chermoula originated in northwest Africa, but the condiment is perfectly suited to the Lowcountry.

Although there aren’t any rules governing what diners can do with the near-puree of fresh parsley and cilantro, it’s almost always paired with grilled fish in its native Morocco. The sprightly sauce also is good over steamed grains (rice here, couscous there.)

Like chimichurri, chermoula is a make-ahead add-on that swells with spice: It’s comparable to pesto, but with an undercurrent of heat. Recipes vary, but chermoula is most frequently made with olive oil, lemon juice, paprika and garlic. Optional seasonings include coriander, cumin, ground chili peppers, ginger and saffron. If you can imagine an ingredient being sold in a Algerian or Tunisian spice market, it probably belongs…[Full Story]



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