The Inspiring Green Growth Program of Morocco: How it Could Work Back Home in Egypt [The World Bank]

The World Bank Blog discusses lessons from development in Morocco, and how they might be successfully applied in Egypt:

world bank logoOn assignment in the Morocco office for about three months, I had the chance to have what I could confidently describe as a rich development experience. Getting away from Egypt’s years of unrest helped me develop a clearer vision.

It was striking to see the similarities between development challenges in Morocco and my own country.  The knowledge that I gained during my assignment was an eye opener for me, and a stimulating exercise.

The comprehensive approach toward development—adopted by Morocco and supported by the Bank— was inspiring. We have been promoting knowledge exchange, both south–south and across regions. We are constantly highlighting the benefits of such practices to our clients, and telling them how much time and effort we can save by learning from each other. Yet, most of all, we can benefit from it within our region…[Full Story]


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