At Parliament, King Mohammed VI Urges Legislators to Act on Reform

Education, Regionalization and Constitutional Institutions Should be Priorities for New Parliamentary Session

Washington, DC (October 10, 2014) — In a speech delivered at the opening session of Morocco’s Parliament on Friday, King Mohammed VI called on Moroccan citizens and politicians to be proud of what the country has achieved compared to other countries in the region, and to actively participate in and forge ahead with reforms. He urged legislators to embrace the electoral and democratic process by completing the adoption of reforms begun in 2011, while adopting an ethics charter and focusing on “the citizens’ needs, on constant contact with the people, on compliance with laws and on observation of ethical standards.”

“The democratic choice made by the Moroccan people is irreversible,” said the King, adding that he was “fully committed to seeing that this choice is further consolidated.” King Mohammed VI explained that “it is necessary to determine national priorities in a very responsible manner, and to make the spirit of compromise prevail, particularly when adopting the regulatory texts relating to constitutional institutions and the nation’s major reforms.” With the launching this year of advanced regionalization, the King asked the legislators to ensure that it is carried out in a way that truly serves the citizens.

Of utmost importance, he said, is the need for further reform of the educational and training systems, including a common, consistent language of instruction, as well as teaching foreign languages to enable Moroccans to have greater access to better opportunities.

The King also praised the efforts of Parliamentarians to resolve the Western Sahara conflict, and lauded their continued dedication to what is a crucial national issue in Morocco.

This session of Parliament marks a significant milestone in that legislators are halfway to the deadline for enacting the reforms prescribed by the 2011 Constitution. The session also opened on October 10—the National Day of Moroccan Women and the 11-year anniversary of Morocco’s revolutionary “Family Law, or moudawana, which greatly expanded women’s rights. In honor of the occasion, His Majesty paid tribute to Moroccan women, who have been an integral part of these advances and reforms.



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