Green Morocco Plan Focuses on Sustainable Agriculture [Al-Monitor]

Morocco’s Green Plan comprises a series of programs making agricultural production in the country more consistent and value-added:

Al-Monitor_Logo[…] The Moroccan government’s measures to prepare for and respond to climatic risks were aimed at reducing the effects of drought and protect crop yields. They included structural measures (dams, irrigation systems, land use strategies and others), as well as non-structural measures (adaptive measures, drought damage insurance and solidarity funds). They can be summarized as follows:

  • Developing infrastructure for water storage and irrigation water distribution
  • Protecting upstream water resources
  • Expanding irrigated areas
  • Improving the efficiency of irrigation water usage
  • Improving crop yields through the development of agricultural inputs (grains and approved fertilizers)
  • Exploiting land resources to the maximum
  • Using nonconventional water sources
  • Adapting to climate change through the use of water conservation technologies
  • Agricultural insurance against climate risks

Green Morocco Plan

In 2008, the Moroccan government adopted a strategy to drive and reform the agricultural sector, promote the integration of agriculture into international markets and help agriculture achieve sustainable growth. The strategy was called the Green Morocco Plan. Its implementation relies on two main pillars and a variety of intersecting programs. The first pillar relates to high-yield, intensive and market-related agriculture. The second relates to bolstering the position of small farmers through the proper promotion of crop yield growth and encouraging a shift toward crops that are better adapted to environmental conditions and market demand. The intersecting programs involve water conservation, land ownership and the mobilization of investments. In total, the Green Morocco Plan is comprised of 1,500 projects requiring, until 2020, more than $10 billion to implement…[Full Story]


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