World Bank official says Morocco’s sustainable development policies, exception in MENA region [Maghreb Arab Press]

Morocco receives praise from a top World Bank official for its sustainable development initiatives:

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World Bank country director for the Maghreb Simon Gray. Photo: MAP

World Bank country director for the Maghreb, Simon Gray. Photo: MAP

Morocco is often an exception in the MENA region when it comes to sustainable development policies, said World Bank country director for the Maghreb Simon Gray.

Morocco’s “concern about the implementation of a sustainable development model is driven by the will to build a resilient green economy capable of providing, in the long term, opportunities for all Moroccans, including the most vulnerable”, the World Bank official told MAP on the sidelines of the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable development (November 10-12 in Nagoya, Japan).

Recognizing that its march towards development is at a pivotal moment, the Kingdom spares no effort to implement a sustainable development model, Gray added.

He noted that the Kingdom placed its natural heritage as a strategic asset for its vital economic areas through efficient sectoral strategies in agriculture, fisheries and tourism…[Original story, subscription required]



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