King: Morocco “proud” that GES summit is held for 1st time in Africa [Maghreb Arab Press]

Morocco is proud to be the first African host of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit:

MAP logoges 2014HM King Mohammed VI stressed on Thursday that Morocco is proud that the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is held for the first time in the African continent.

“We are proud that this Summit, which was launched in 2009 by President Barack Obama, is being held for the first time on African soil, thereby confirming the calling and ambition of the Kingdom, for which the promotion of its partnership with the African Continent is a well thought-out, irreversible choice”, said the Sovereign in a message read out at the opening session by head of government Abdelilah Benkirane.

The Sovereign also noted that “in keeping with its core values and basic principles, Morocco believes wholeheartedly in the Summit’s objectives,” pointing out that the Kingdom “has been devoting its energies to promoting human and sustainable development and investing in entrepreneurship.”

“My country also encourages the sharing of expertise and know-how in addition to the optimization of complementarities, particularly between the countries of the South”, went on the royal message.

The sovereign also urged African governments to “instill self-confidence in our young people so that they can believe in their ability to learn and to become entrepreneurs”, stressing the need to “nurture positive examples and turn success stories into models to emulate.”

“We must not confuse technological innovation with technical sophistication”, argued HM the King who explained that “the so-called low-tech innovations – just like more sophisticated technologies – can help us meet specific needs, especially in developing countries.”

The sovereign further pointed out that “innovations of this kind are often helpful in terms of supporting social development and improving the well-being of the population”, insisting that “innovation must not be the exclusive privilege of the rich and the upper classes.”

“Entrepreneurs may also want to turn their attention to low-income consumers, by offering them products and services that are both profitable and tailored to their needs”, HM the King recommended citing the telecommunications sector in Africa in which “through ingenuity and local innovation, specific services and innovative applications have been developed, to the great satisfaction of users.”

The royal message concluded by congratulating “all those who have helped make new interactions possible, here in Marrakech today, between policy makers, economic operators, civil society, academics and the media” and expressed satisfaction that the encounter “has brought together a large number of project developers, investors and young entrepreneurs from various backgrounds.”


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