Deterioration of security in Tindouf offers propitious conditions for proliferation of terrorist groups – Potomac Institute | Maghreb Arab Press

A new report highlights the urgent need to resolve the Western Sahara issue and close the Tindouf camps, which promote regional instability:

MAP logoThe deterioration of the security situation in the camps of Tindouf (south-western Algeria) coupled with the stalemate in the Sahara dispute offer propitious conditions for the proliferation of terrorist groups in the region, the Potomac Institute said in a recent report.

In the report, entitled Terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel, the Institute stresses the need for resolving inter-regional conflicts which offer footholds to terrorists and hinder economic cooperation, citing the Sahara issue.

The report, published on the eve of the White House Summit on combating terrorism, recommends close collaboration between international donors with a view to ensuring against the embezzlement of humanitarian aid sent to the forcibly held population in the Polisario-run camps of Tindouf.

The embezzlement of humanitarian aid by Polisario and Algerian officials was laid bare following the disclosure of a report by the EU’s anti-fraud office (OLAF). The report deplores that millions of euros have been diverted by Polisario officials to the detriment of the population held against their will in the camps…[Original Story, Subscription Required]



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