Morocco blasts over human rights abuse in Tindouf, calls for lifting blockade on populations | Maghreb Arab Press

Morocco urges the The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to act against human rights abuses and corruption by the Polisario, citing recent EU report:

MAP logoMorocco condemned, on Tuesday before the UNHRC, the human rights abuse of populations in the camps of Tindouf, reiterating its call to conduct a census and lift the blockade imposed on them.

Speaking at the UNHRC High Level Segment in Geneva, Minister delegate for foreign affairs Mbarka Bouaida drew the attention to the tragic situation of the camps’ inhabitants due to the violation of their rights and the embezzlement of humanitarian aids.

The aids embezzlement was revealed by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), as well as in other international reports.

The minister delegate seized this occasion to make a new call for lifting the blockade imposed on the camps’ populations, and protecting their basic rights and individual liberties, in the prospect of returning to the homeland, Morocco.

She also urged the international community to intervene in order to convince the host country to facilitate the mission by the High-Commissioner for Refugees so that it could conduct a general and transparent headcount of the camps’ dwellers.

Bouaida noted that populations of the Moroccan Sahara are fully integrated and take part massively in local and national elections since 1976.

“Morocco which reiterates its commitment to cooperating with the UNSG and its personal envoy, calls on other parties to seriously get involved in the search for a consensual solution to this artificial dispute, on the basis of the autonomy initiative under Morocco’s sovereignty,” she said.

The minister added that Morocco’s strategy for upholding the rule of law is based on the implementation of legal and institutional reforms and the reinforcement of the proximity concept…[Original Story, Subscription Required]


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