Morocco’s Counterterrorism Moment | Forbes

Morocco’s formidable “soft-power” strategy against Islamic radicalism:

Forbes-logoThe summit on countering violent extremism convened by the Obama administration last month was a lavish affair, full of pomp and circumstance and awash in foreign dignitaries. But substantive strategies for combating radical ideologies, particularly those of Islamist groups, were far less in evidence.

That’s surprising, given the efforts that some of America’s most stalwart allies in the Muslim world are making in this fight. In this regard, none are more notable than the Kingdom of Morocco, which has erected a formidable “soft-power” strategy against Islamic radicalism over the past decade.

That strategy is grounded in religious legitimacy. Morocco’s monarch, Mohammed VI, is one of only a handful of Middle Eastern rulers who can trace his lineage back to the Prophet Mohammed. This ancestry gives Morocco’s king unparalleled credibility in the Islamic world…[Full Story]

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