France, Morocco sign 2 agreements worth 43 million Euros to promote SMEs | Customs Today

Morocco and France signed a deal to promote SMEs in both countries:

customs todayMorocco and France signed two agreements worth 43 million Euros to promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The agreements were signed by Finance and Economy Minister Mohammed Boussaid and France Finance and Public Accounts Minister Michel Sapin who is on a working visit to the Kingdom.

The agreements are signed in implementation of the declaration of intention inked in 2013 between the two countries.

Under the first agreement, 26 million Euros will be earmarked to the French guarantee funds (Fonds de Garantie Français) in supplying French material to Moroccan SMEs as well as to the development of joint French-Moroccan enterprises.

The agreement is meant to increase the pace of business between SMEs in the two countries by facilitating their access to funds…[Full Story]



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