Morocco, EU launch Euro 10-Mln project for integration of migrants in Morocco | Maghreb Arab Press

The EU is supporting Morocco’s “model” migration policy with a 10 Million Euro project for the integration of migrants in Morocco:

MAP logoMorocco and the European Union signed on Friday a joint statement to kick-start a 10 Million Euro-worth project for the integration of migrants in Morocco.

The statement officially launching the EU-financed “promoting integration of foreign migrants in Morocco” project was signed by  Morocco’s minister of Moroccans living abroad and migration affairs, Anis Birrou and European commissioner in charge of migration, home affairs and citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos, currently visiting Morocco.

The project is part of the EU-Morocco “partnership for mobility” that seeks to support the ministry’s strategy on immigration and asylum.

“Morocco, has become a regional model in migration, like in other fields”, the European official told the press, noting that “the EU is welcoming the new policy announced by HM King Mohammed VI and wants to fully support Morocco through the partnership for migration and mobility signed between the EU and Morocco”.

“The partnership, which was given considerable funds, is the framework of our cooperation and dialogue, based on the fact that immigration flows management is a shared responsibility”, he added

“It is the most substantial external contribution to Morocco’s integration policy and it reflects the strategic partnership existing between Morocco and the EU in this field”, the EU commissioner went on, explaining that it established multiple partnerships with several ministers, including the national education and vocational training departments, with a view to promoting the integration of immigrants’ kids in Moroccan public schools, as well as with the health ministry in order to develop a medical coverage formula.

Avramopoulos also announced that the European Union is planning to finance in 2016 a larger program covering all aspects of migration, mainly by including South-South cooperation with migrants-emitting countries.

The Moroccan official stressed, on his part, that the management of the migration issue is not only a Moroccan domestic affairs but concerns Europe and several sub-Saharan countries, requiring, thus regional and international action.

“Morocco’s approach in migration management, based on the respect of human rights, has encouraged the EU to support this policy.

In addition to its education and health components, the program encompasses support to two pilot projects to be carried out with some non-governmental organizations.

The EU and Morocco signed in June 2013 a mobility partnership that establishes a set of political objectives and provides for a series of initiatives which are designed to ensure that the movement of persons is managed as effectively as possible. Under the partnership, the two sides will also work to combat the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings and to provide assistance for victims of these crimes. They will work closely together in order to ensure that Morocco can establish a national asylum and international protection system…[Original Story, Subscription Required]



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