Morocco has wind behind its renewables initiative | Gulf News

Morocco is using energy sector reform to drive energy diversity and production via renewables:

gulf news logoMany countries in the region have announced an interest or launched programs in developing renewable energy sources, especially with respect to solar and wind energy and hydroelectricity in some.

Morocco is said to be well in front to be a regional leader. The International Energy Agency (IEA) said that “Persevering in this direction [energy pricing] could help Morocco emerge as a regional leader in energy sector reform, as well as in the renewable energy technologies in which it has a natural advantage”.

Morocco is driven by the fact that it imports almost 94 per cent of its energy requirements and the burden this entails on its economy. At the same time Morocco is endowed by good potential in hydroelectricity in addition to its high solar and wind energy potential. The country is aware that it cannot go on relying on imports given that energy consumption is increasing steadily at more 5 per cent a year over the last 10 years.

For all that, Morocco has taken steps to create specialized administrative bodies to legislate the necessary laws and has sought the help of international organizations as well as its Arab brothers to help in its quest to make renewable energy and efficiency improvement a national priority…[Full Story]



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