World Bank Approves US$249-Million Loans For Morocco’s Health, Energy Projects | Bernama

The World Bank is supporting health and clean energy development projects in Morocco:

bernamaThe World Bank has approved two loans totaling US$248.95 million to support Morocco in its national health strategy and to promote clean energy and energy efficiency.

In the health sector, a US$100-million loan will finance increased access to and improved quality of public services for poor and rural populations in disadvantaged regions, the institution said in a statement.

Investment in the energy sector will support the county’s ongoing efforts to reduce its dependency on imported fossil fuels.

“This project will help to strengthen primary care across nine regions to address disparities in health outcomes and upgrade management information systems and sector accountability,” said Enis Baris, World Bank’s health, nutrition and population practice manager for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region…[Full Story]



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