A Way Forward – Countering Militant Islamism in the MENA-Region | Huffington Post

Morocco continues to be a leading example in its efforts to address the root causes of extremism:

[…] There are three countries in particular that, in various ways and to different degrees, has successfully bucked the trend and been able – so far at least – to stay stable and fighting off the Islamist threat at the same time;

Morocco, on the North-Western tip of Africa is the Arab country that most successfully has implemented a strategic program in tackling militant Islamism at its core, namely in its religious teachings. This was seen most recently in the newly inaugurated Institute; “Mohammed VI Fondation for African Ulemas”. It’s an Institute set up to train hundreds of African religious scholars and Imam’s in ways to counter religious extremism and violence. In addition, Morocco has made it very costly to join and/or assist the Islamists of the IS (and others). It hasn’t stopped volunteers from Morocco to travel to Iraq and Syria, but it has tackled the problem at its root at the same time as it has been able to preserve stability and security back home. And, most importantly perhaps, it has done this at the same time as having implemented a long-term strategic program of democratizing and reforming the country, showing in the process that it is actually possible to effectively combat Islamism on several levels simultaneously…[full story]



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