Climate change will cause the next revolutions in North Africa | Deutsche Welle

Morocco’s energy policies make it a leader in countering North Africa’s increasingly urgent environmental threats:

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Morocco leads the way

A few years ago, Algerians might have stayed quiet, but awareness of the climate issue is growing across the region. It might not feature at the top of the agenda, which is not surprising given the problems of conflict and terrorism, but there are signs of progress. Morocco might just be a case in point.

“A few years ago, Morocco was known for arresting environmental activists, but now the situation has changed,” Terdman said. Indeed, the country, which will host the 2016 UN international climate talks, is seen by some as setting a positive example for its neighbors in the region.

“Morocco has taken a very active approach towards the problem and has been the spokesperson for African states at the past two UN Climate Conferences of the Parties,” Michael Gajo, who works in the country for Germany’s GIZ development agency said. “It has distanced itself from Gulf States for example, who are following different interests saying they want compensation for loss of oil as a source of fossil fuel.”

He says the nation’s progress can in part be attributed to the “eloquent” environment minister, Hakima El Haite, who has positioned herself on the international stage…[FULL STORY]

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