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The story of a Moroccan street artist, who has developed alongside Morocco’s fine arts scene:

your middle eastMorran Ben Lahcen is one of Morocco’s pioneering street artists, and has helped to increase the genre’s visibility and popularity in the North African country. But he is now also leaving a big mark on the contemporary fine arts scene.

A self-taught artist, Ben Lahcen demonstrated his ability for drawing at a very young age. While growing up in a Berber village located on the Atlas mountain range, he discovered his creative fiber through a fascination for the environment’s natural shapes and colors.

Though beginning his career illicitly, he is now widely sought after to re-appropriate urban spaces, transforming blank architectural features into works of art. Ben Lahcen calls himself a multidisciplinary artist, presenting sculpture and works on canvas employing industrial materials in his signature cross shape, which represents the horizontality and verticality of human life.

I met Ben Lahcen in May, when he was in Marrakesh for a residency at David Bloch Gallery. He had moved there after being occupied with fellow artist Jules L’ATLAS Dedet in a series of exhibitions, installations, and lectures at the Villa des Arts in Casablanca, as well as some urban interventions in Moulay Al Hassan Square and the Villa des Arts in Rabat…[FULL STORY]


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