Advanced regionalization, a major headway under the visionary leadership of the King (US pundit) | MAP

Morocco’s election starts tomorrow, already a major achievement in the country’s “democratic evolution process,” according to a U.S. Africa expert:

MAP logoThe communal and regional polls, to take place on September 04 in Morocco, will be an opportunity to show that advanced regionalization “is a major headway in the country’s democratic evolution process, started under the visionary leadership of King Mohammed VI, said Peter Pham, head of the Africa Center, of the prestigious US think-tank Atlantic Council.

“Advanced regionalization, provided for by the constitution adopted by popular constitution in 2011, is really a major achievement in the democratic evolution process ushered in by the Kingdom under the visionary leadership of King Mohammed VI”, the US expert told MAP.

Pham recalled however that the concept of regionalization was adopted before the constitution as “HM the King had unveiled in 2008 his vision to devolve larger powers to local authorities, regions, provinces and town councils, insisting that the Sovereign has repeatedly argued in favor of a solidarity-based regionalization as part of unity and integrity of the country’s territory.

“This is another evidence to the Moroccan exception in a troubled and instable regional environment”, went on Peter Pham who added that Friday’s polls “will bring new evidence that democratic evolution and change go beyond formal concepts to embrace local political life and the life of Moroccan citizens.”..[ORIGINAL STORY, SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]


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