Morocco, Senegal seal water, sanitation deal | Star Africa

Morocco continues to build on strong relations in West Africa, sharing its expertise in water management with Senegal:

StarAfricaThe Senegalese minister of Water and Sanitation, Mansour Faye and his Moroccan counterpart Charafat Afailal on Monday sealed a cooperation agreement in the fields of water and sanitation in Dakar. “Water management is becoming increasingly challenging not only because of the precious liquid’s growing scarcity but also due the degradation of its quality from such phenomena as salting. To address these challenges, our countries have no option but to exchange their experiences in a bid to strengthen water supply for our people. Morocco has made significant advances in the field of water management” Mr. Faye said.

The accord covers the improvement of the management of the quality of water especially its desalting as well as the desalination of sea water…[FULL STORY]


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