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Morocco broke ground on the construction of a new hospital near Tangiers, which will feature a “Mother-Child” division:

AllAfricaKing Mohammed VI launched on Tuesday at the Urban commune of Gueznaya (Tangiers) construction of a university hospital center, illustrating once more the Sovereign’s will to make of health promotion one of the Kingdom’s landmark projects.

The 2.33 billion-dirham project, financed by the Qatari Fund for Development, is a token of the King’s faith that the right to have access to health services, enshrined by the constitution, is a major pillar to consolidate citizenship and achieve integrated, lasting and comprehensive human development.

It also reflects the central role granted by the Sovereign to the training of human resources in this vital sector and His determination to ensure quality training adapted to scientific and technological developments in treatment, prevention, management and health governance in accordance with international standards.

Meeting the aspirations and expectations of the people of the region, the Tangier University Hospital will be carried out over an area of 23 hectares, on a land adjacent to the oncology hospital (under construction) and bordered northeast by the future Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The 771-bed hospital will muster notably a “Mother-Child” division, a Medical-Surgical division, an operating room with 15 surgical rooms and a room for burnt cases, excellence centers (emergencies, trauma center), a central laboratory, a telemedicine unit, training services, a simulation center, and other administrative and technical dependencies.

The third generation hospital will undoubtedly contribute in the development of hospitals at the Tangier-Tetuan-Al Hoceima region and the strengthening of basic health services and their rapprochement to citizens who will no longer need to move to other cities for complicated surgeries or some pathologies…[ORIGINAL STORY]

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