Enel Sets Sights On Morocco’s Renewable Wave | Forbes

Morocco’s goal of providing 42% of its energy from local renewable sources is cementing its role as a renewable energy “pioneer” in the region:

Forbes-logoIn what has to be welcome vote of confidence for Morocco’s energy diversification efforts, Italian renewable developer Enel Green Power SpA has announced plans to expand into the North African nation.

According to CEO Francesco Venturini, Morroco has emerged as a renewable “energy pioneer” in the region, outlining clear goals and providing the “regulatory framework” necessary for renewable development.

In recent years, Morocco has worked to reduce its dependence on foreign sources through the development of domestic projects, including exploring newly found traditional reserves and shale projects. However, the state’s embrace of solar and wind has become a pillar of the country’s energy policy.

“We have already set foot in the country, establishing a local headquarters, and now we are aiming to grow by installing megawatts and contributing to the achievement of the country’s ambitious energy targets.”, Venturini told a business conference in Rabat, according to media reports…[FULL STORY]


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