VIDEO: The ultimate Moroccan surfing adventure: Where professional surfers rub shoulders with amateurs and daytrippers at North Africa’s premier big wave destination | DailyMail

Morocco’s surf scene continues to draw global attention:

daily mailApproximately three hours’ drive from Marrakech, dotted south of the famed destination of Casablanca, lies the chaotic and sun-soaked city of Agadir.

Already a well established hot spot  for holidaymakers and sunshine seekers, in the past 15 years this bustling coastal city has become home to a new generation of thrill seekers.

This, in large part, is thanks to Londoner Denny Tolley, who created surf camp Moroccan Surf Adventures (MSA) in 2001 – thereby cementing the region’s position as North Africa’s premier surfing destination.

Although described as a surfing ‘camp’, the organisation is actually run from several adjoining buildings that can accommodate about 30 guests during the camp’s busy winter season. Each guest has a bed and room easily the equal of any standard hotel or Airbnb would provide.

A maze of steps connect the camp buildings – though all eventually lead to the upstairs outdoor area, where after dinner visitors watch professional surfing videos projected onto the camp wall, while others, exhausted from a day on the water, lie in hammocks and deck chairs under the cool night sky, sipping beers and gazing at iPads…[FULL STORY]

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