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Morocco’s renewables boom is gaining lots of attention this month, with a major solar plant coming online in the next few weeks:

Forbes-logoWith about a month to go before the first stage of the country’s sprawling solar project is scheduled to go live, Morocco is racing to set the stage for what it hopes will soon provide renewable power for the entire country – and possibly more.

In recent years, Morocco has worked to reduce its dependence on foreign sources through the development of domestic projects, including exploring newly found traditional reserves and shale projects. However, the state’s embrace of solar and wind has become a pillar of the country’s energy policy.

According to press reports, Morocco is set to take an enormous step forward towards a renewable energy future with the opening of the first phase of a solar complex situated in the desert that will help the country reach its green power goals.

While much of the world has set its sights on a seemingly attainable 20% renewable by 2020, this North African nation has offered up a more dramatic goal of providing nearly half of its energy from solar, wind and hydro power by that time…[FULL STORY]


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