Morocco and its Jewish Museum a model of coexistence | JNS

Morocco’s values of moderation, openness, and tolerance, are “ingrained in the Moroccan ethos from time immemorial”:

JNS“The French exception” is an expression that became recurrent in the French political discourse, all the more so since the European Union has been imposing on its member states a common policy in various fields of their national life. The way of France—to discard invasive constraints on its deepest and irrevocable ethos strata, such as cultural aspects or language practice—is to raise the defensive shield of the French exception.

One does not need to be too sharp of an observer, nor a political expert on the Arab world, in order to spontaneously assess, against the backdrop of the chaotic Arab Spring, the singular nature of the “Moroccan exception,” which preserved the Moroccan kingdom from the abyss of civil war, self-destruction, and sheer regression.

This Moroccan immunity is well-rooted in the culture of the people of Morocco, its long history and rich tradition. Morocco’s fascinating ability to absorb ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity, and translate it into a coherent national identity, provides the kingdom with a solid basis of stability and cohesion. The key factor for cementing such a comprehensive cohabitation among the diverse components of the Moroccan society, essentially the Arab-lslamic, Amazighian, Andalousian, and Jewish sectors, has been for the last centuries the monarchy of the Alaouite Dynasty…[FULL STORY]


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