Morocco Will Soon Become the World’s Solar Energy Superpower | takepart

As the Ouarzazate solar complex opens next month, excitement builds about Morocco’s renewable energy capability:

takepartNext month, Morocco will be taking the first step toward becoming the world’s solar energy superpower. That’s when the first phase of a planned renewable energy plant will go online under the Saharan sun outside the city of Ouarzazate.

“We are very proud of this project,” Morocco’s environment minister, Hakima El Haite, told The Guardian. “I think it is the most important solar plant in the world.”

The planned solar energy mega-complex, which will eventually include hydro and wind plants, will cover roughly the same area as the country’s capital, Rabat, and provide half of Morocco’s electricity by 2020. The solar plant alone is expected to produce enough electricity to power 1 million homes…[FULL STORY]

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